Dood Vei!

Hi friends.

I have again managed to horribly neglect my website for about the 30th time in my life. But this time it's been neglected to death, and so I have a new site!

I hate GoDaddy

I was having so many problems with GoDaddy, so I stopped using their hosting and switched over to a static site that was first generated from wordpress, but I started to hate wordpress so I fully re-built my site using 11ty. My 11ty site was compiled on Netlify, and I changed DNS settings on my GoDaddy domain to route to Netlify. All seemed lovely, but I wanted to remove my domain from GoDaddy too, so looked at transferring to Google Domains. However, doing so would have a cost which I didn't want to pay. Luckily there was only a few months until the domain expired, so I hatched a plan. I would let the domain expire, and then buy it on Google. Simple!

Except not. I let the domain expire and GoDaddy hung onto it for another month because I had domain protection, and then it went up for auction which is apparently a thing that happens when a domain expires, and some sort of bot purchased it. I had lost my domain!

The company that used a bot to buy the domain would happily sell it back to me, but for some reason think it's worth over £4,000. So I'm obviously not doing that.

I needed to come up with a new domain, and had the idea of going back to an old domain I had that I got rid of back in 2009. However, looking into buying that showed GoDaddy owned it, and have been sitting on it literally since I let it expire over 10 years ago. Again, I can buy it from them if I want, but it will cost at least £75. Please refer to the above heading.

Dood Vei

New name then, Dood Vei! I'm Dr Dood, all my video game characters are prefixed with Vei (that's where Veizy came from), stick them together and Dood Vei! Yeah! I have three blog posts ready to go for 2022, but I wonder how long it will be after that before I start to neglect things again.

PS I thought of doing an infinite tunneling image for the thumbnail, which cool kids will know as the Droste effect, and searched for some tutorials on how to do it. Literally every tutorial I came across started as "Here's a super easy way to do this cool effect" and then two paragraphs later became "Just do it manually!". No shit I could do it manually guy. I wanted to save myself the effort. Argh!